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Welcome to my Web Page at
It was created to reveal more about me.


I am a disabled medic and have worked in other fields including crime scene technician, a forensic investigator, and a mortician.


My disabilities include Asperger Syndrome, mild cerebral palsy, lumbar spinal stenosis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea-- however, these disorders are well controlled and I am basically content and very comfortable.


I live in Charleston, SC, alone with my two teacup poodles, having lived here for three years.


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Hobbies: TV, music, sightseeing, photography, Notary Public



A picture of my two little Muttsies Samantha (left) and Thurston

A Day at the Doggie Park in Charleston

 A YouTube Video of my Muttsies at a nearby Dog park.


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