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I'm Reynaldo Acosta.  You have reached my personal website.  Now you can learn about me, and from time to time I will update you with any breaking news or other info concerning me.
I live in Charleston, SC.  I am 51 years of age, 5 ft. 6 1/2 in., 240 lbs., Cuban-American, originally from Palm Beach County, Florida.  I've been living here in Charleston since September, 2009. Now disabled, I was a medic and an assistant for physicians and surgeons for about 25 years.
I am a power chair user with spinal stenosis, mild cerebral palsy, and Asperger Syndrome.
I like to cook gourmet food, mostly on the grill; get on the Internet, sightsee this wonderful city I live in, and meet people.  The left picture below is that of me at Isle of Palms (IOP), a beach near Charleston, about a 20-minute drive.
On the right you see me with my teacup poodles Thurston (left) and Samantha.

On August 21, 2015, I was interviewed by News crews on WCIV, Channel 4, concerning a plight by virtue of being given a very short notice that I have to move.  As is the case with many jurisdictions, it is nearly impossible to find a wheelchair-friendly apartment.

And here is Post and Courier article from August 16:

 UPDATE: I have moved to John's Island, which is part of the city of Charleston, and into a gorgeous three bedroom apartment with two baths. 

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